Doubling and Tripling Your Business With Web Design

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When’s the last time you did a website retail, and found yourself doubling, or tripling your business? I’m talking real business profits, revenue, customers, and leads. Hint: this is not a common thing. Most businesses don’t realize significant change in terms of real life metrics and data that is helpful to their business when they redo their web site.

There is a way, though.

Yes, you can double, triple (maybe more), your business in working with the right web design consultants.

Asheville Web Design Company is an example of a website design and marketing agency that can absolutely deliver those results.

They are known for working with small businesses and mid size companies and elevating them to the next level of revenue and sales. They are more than just a web design company. They are a business growth and development strategist company.

By focusing on your target demographic, they will put together a business growth roadmap that will probably include web design, but far exceed just the website aspects of what you need to build your business and grow. They will look at your sales and marketing funnels and map out systems and processes that will help you convert more leads into sales. They will look at your rank on Google, and where you are at in comparison to your competitors, and work with your website on an SEO (search engine optimization) basis to elevate your position and rank to increase organic traffic.




The Latest in Dry Erase Board Innovations

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While most of the digital world of software, apps, tablets and more is scrambling to develop the hottest innovations in collaborative whiteboard and smart whiteboard technologies, an interesting trend in occuring in office spaces, classrooms and even homes across the globe. People are finding their way out of the digital realm and back into the physical realm of good old fashioned handwriting and doodling on whiteboards… except with a twist.

No longer are the traditional whiteboards of old enough to sustain a full collaborative team meeting of ideas, brainstorming, mind mapping, doodling and drawing. They are limited in space, have to be erased all the time and let’s be honest… their just plain boring. Welcome to the new world of whiteboarding…

The whiteboard wall.

Yes, now you can convert an entire office wall, or all of your office walls into a dry erase surface. Forget cramming a bunch of teammates around a small dry erase board. Hand everyone an expo marker, and let them go to town on the wall – there’s plenty of space for everyone!

There are several whiteboard paint companies making an impact in this space, but based on the reviews we’ve read, and our own testing and experience, we’ve found the top player in the industry to be ReMARKable by far. They’re winning in just about every area of the dry erase board paint niche – price, odor, ease of use, application, experience, durability, longevity, customer service and they’re overall just a really fun, down to earth and friendly brand.

They have a variety of do it yourself whiteboard paint kits available in traditional white, or clear to be applied to any color surface for a custom color dry erase experience. Their kit sizes range from 35 square feet to 600 square feet and they’re always reasonable in price and running sales, promotions, discounts and coupon codes to give you the best deal possible.

No more excuses. Throw away the old whiteboards, put down your dry erase markers for a little bit, and just go nuts painting your walls.